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About Massachusetts Scholars With A Goal

Massachusetts Scholars With A Goal is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping scholars from disadvantaged communities in Massachusetts to explore career options and develop an interest in higher education. Our mission is to provide guidance and support to these scholars in order to help them overcome obstacles related to anti-social, gang-related activity, poverty, and extremism. We believe that every scholar has the potential to succeed in life, and we are committed to helping them achieve their goals.

A Message from the Founder

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Johnnie R. McKnight, MBA 

A Message from the Founder

Welcome to Massachusetts Scholars With A Goal.

Imagine a world where every young person leaves high school with a clear, purposeful direction for their future. Yet, many of our youth today grapple with societal expectations to pursue higher education, often without a distinct path or passion in mind.

Having spent two decades working closely with at-risk youth, I've observed that many young minds are limited by the immediate horizons they encounter. Their perceptions of success are often shaped by their immediate surroundings, which can sometimes be narrow and confining.

This understanding was the catalyst for Massachusetts Scholars With A Goal. Our mission is to broaden these horizons, introducing our youth to a plethora of success stories from various professions. We aim to demonstrate that success is a multifaceted concept, with countless paths leading to it. Beyond just sharing stories, we're committed to providing tangible resources – whether it's financial aid, academic support, or comprehensive career guidance.

Equally vital is creating a nurturing environment. A haven where our scholars can voice their dreams, share their aspirations, and receive unwavering encouragement. A place that continually fuels their ambition and drives them towards their aspirations.

Massachusetts Scholars With A Goal is more than an initiative; it's a pledge. A pledge to guide our youth towards realizing their immense potential and crafting a brighter, more promising future. Let's unite to inspire and uplift our next generation, showcasing a world abundant with opportunities ripe for the taking.

Join us in this transformative endeavor. Together, let's mold futures and redefine success, one scholar at a time.

Warm regards,

Johnnie McKnight

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