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Our Program

Massachusetts Scholars With A Goal is a non-profit dedicated to providing educational resources and guidance to under resourced youth. Our program core centers on exposing scholars to the economy, entrepreneurship, corporations, career paths, internships, and higher education, with the goal of teaching them the skills necessary for success. By equipping our scholars with the knowledge and resources necessary to thrive in their post-secondary pursuits, we are committed to creating life-long success stories.

A Better Tomorrow

Maswag exposes youth to the intersection of social economics and advocacy, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to champion social change. Through a Three-year curriculum, participants delve into entrepreneurship for social good, corporate responsibility, and practical advocacy techniques, culminating in real-world projects that empower them as informed, impactful community advocates.

The Emerging Adults Re-Entry Program (EARP) is designed to support formerly incarcerated young adults between 18-25 in their transition back into the community. Through a combination of social-emotional programs, specialized college counseling at our local community college, and career development initiatives backed by supportive local businesses, EARP aims to holistically address the unique challenges these individuals face. The program's foundation rests on strong local partnerships, diversified funding avenues, and a continuous commitment to evaluation and improvement, ensuring participants receive the comprehensive support they need for successful reintegration.

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